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If you are in need of immediate attention, give us a ring, and we’ll do all we can to see you on the day to stop the pain. If you are unsure if this is an emergency, our highly trained team members can guide you on what to do and the next step for you to take.

Causes of Pain

Tooth decay
affects patients young and old. Decay is an erosion of your teeth starting from the enamel on the outside of the tooth which slowly breaks down more and more of the tooth structure. The more severe the decay, the more painful this can be as it can start affecting the inner pulp of the tooth or lead to structural damage including cracks and fractures.

Cracks and fractures
can occur from injuries, grinding, clenching or severe decay. These can be very painful when biting down or releasing pressure as the jagged edges of the cracked tooth can rub against internal pulp. This agitation can be harmful to the inner pulp. If left untreated, you may require Root Canal Therapy. Crownsor Fillings can treat cracks and fractures.

Infected tooth pulp
can cause severe pain. It occurs when the internal tooth root has been damaged beyond repair. Root Canal Therapy removed the infected matter and flushed the area to remove any infection or bacteria and then fills the area with a Filling Material. This will reduce the risk of it occurring again and strengthen the tooth structure.


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